AMJ60 keyboard firmware

DIY/Assembled compact 60% keyboard.

Quantum MK Firmware

For the full Quantum feature list, see the parent


Download or clone the whole firmware and navigate to the keyboards/amj60
folder. Once your dev env is setup, you'll be able to type make to generate
your .hex - you can then use make dfu to program your PCB once you hit the
reset button.

Depending on which keymap you would like to use, you will have to compile
slightly differently.


To build with the default keymap, simply run make.

Other Keymaps

Several version of keymap are available in advance but you are recommended to
define your favorite layout yourself. To define your own keymap create file
named <name>.c in the keymaps folder, and see keymap document (you can find
in top and existent keymap files.

To build the firmware binary hex file with a keymap just do make with
KEYMAP option like:
$ make KEYMAP=[default|jack|<name>]
Keymaps follow the format \.c and are stored in the keymaps


KEYMAP macros for the following layouts are available:

  • default, for all the available, possible keys
  • ANSI, for 60% ANSI keyboard
  • ISO
  • ISO w/ split right shift key
  • HHKB

Remark: all but "ISO w/ split right shift key" are untested and were done to the best of my knowledge.

Original tmk firmware

The original firmware that was used to port to qmk can be found here.

Further information

Since information and documentation for this board are sparse, (at least for non-chinese speaking ppl) here is everything that could be found