Infinity 60% keyboard firmware

Quantum MK Firmware

For the full Quantum feature list, see the parent readme.


Several versions of keymaps are available in advance but you are recommended to define your favorite layout yourself. To define your own keymap create a folder with the name of your keymap in the keymaps folder, and see keymap documentation (you can find in top and existant keymap files.

Keymaps follow the format keymap.c and are stored in folders in the keymaps folder, eg keymaps/my_keymap/


Download or clone the whole firmware and navigate to the keyboards/infinity60 folder. Once your dev env is setup, you'll be able to use the make command to both compile your keymap and flash it to your keyboard.

To just compile, which generates the output files in the .build folder at the root of the repository, run make keymap, where keymap is the name of the keymap that you want to compile.


To flash the firmware to the keyboard

  1. First press the flash button on the bottom of the keyboard. If you already have a flah button mapped in a keyboard layout running on the keyboard, you can also use that.
  2. Then run make keymap-dfu-util, where keymap is the name of the keymap you want to flash. On Linux based operating systems you might need to run the comamnd as root, for example sudo make keymap-dfu-util on Ubuntu.

Tip make keymap-dfu-util will also compile the keymap if needed, so you can skip the compilation step if you want to.