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How to support QMK

This project is maintained by QMK collaborators and contributors like you!

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Keyboards Powered by QMK

If you’d like to advertise QMK compatibility or use QMK as the default and official firmware for your keyboard, please do the following:

  1. Submit a Pull Request with support for your keyboard
  2. Consider using one of the badges below on your product’s webpage, and linking to http://qmk.fm

If you need help with this, please open an issue, and we’d be happy to help! A schematic of your keyboard, and as much information you can provide would be helpful

If your project does use QMK as the default and official firmware, we’d like to add it to the list on the homepage, so let us know if it’s not there!


These are the default-sized badges in svg format (pngs: dark, light):

QMK Badge Dark QMK Badge Light

A smaller version of each (pngs: dark, light):

QMK Badge Small Dark QMK Badge Small Light

And badges for compatible or community-supported keyboards (pngs: dark, light):

QMK Community Badge Dark QMK Community Badge Light

Please do not use modified versions these images - if you’d like to use something different, let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your wishes!