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The goal of the QMK software project is to develop a completely customizable, powerful, and enjoyable firmware experience for any project - keyboard or otherwise - and to provide helpful, encouraging, and kind support and feedback for people with any software development experience.

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All recent changes to the Split Keyboard code in QMK

2019-01-17 - Simplify split_common significantly

2019-01-03 - Convert split_common to use generic GPIO api

2018-12-24 - Replace serial.c of quantum/split_common/

2018-12-14 - Refactor quantum/split_common/i2c.c, quantum/split_common/serial.c

2018-12-14 - Make quantum/split_common/serial.[ch] configurable

2018-06-17 - Split Common

2018-02-16 - Fix EE HANDS on splits losing handedness if RGB is enabled