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The goal of the QMK software project is to develop a completely customizable, powerful, and enjoyable firmware experience for any project - keyboard or otherwise - and to provide helpful, encouraging, and kind support and feedback for people with any software development experience.

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All Supported Keyboards

This page is automatically generated from keyboards currently in QMK. Default .hex files are up-to-date with the latest version of QMK, and get pushed every build via Travis.

Want a qmk.fm page? Create a <keyboard>.md file for it here! (use others as examples/templates)

Currently only .hex files are provided - some listed here may not be what’s needed to flash the keyboard. If this is the case, please open an issue!

QMK Folder default .hex qmk.fm page
1upkeyboards/1up60hse Ψ  
1upkeyboards/1up60hte Ψ  
1upkeyboards/1up60rgb Ψ  
1upkeyboards/super16 Ψ  
1upkeyboards/sweet16 Ψ  
2_milk Ψ  
30wer Ψ  
40percentclub/25 Ψ  
40percentclub/4x4 Ψ  
40percentclub/5x5 Ψ  
40percentclub/6lit Ψ  
40percentclub/foobar Ψ  
40percentclub/gherkin Ψ  
40percentclub/half_n_half Ψ  
40percentclub/i75/promicro Ψ  
40percentclub/i75/teensy2 Ψ  
40percentclub/luddite Ψ  
40percentclub/mf68 Ψ  
40percentclub/nano Ψ  
40percentclub/nein Ψ  
40percentclub/nori Ψ  
40percentclub/tomato Ψ  
40percentclub/ut47 Ψ  
6ball Ψ  
8pack/rev11 Ψ  
8pack/rev12 Ψ  
9key Ψ  
abstract/ellipse/rev1 Ψ  
acr60 Ψ  
aeboards/aegis Ψ  
aeboards/ext65 Ψ  
ai03/lunar Ψ  
ai03/orbit Ψ  
ai03/quasar Ψ  
ai03/soyuz Ψ  
akb/eb46 Ψ  
akb/raine Ψ  
al1 Ψ  
alf/dc60 Ψ  
alf/x11 Ψ  
alf/x2 Ψ  
alpha Ψ  
alps64 Ψ  
alu84 Ψ  
amj40 Ψ  
amj60 Ψ  
amj96 Ψ  
amjkeyboard/amj66 Ψ  
amjpad Ψ  
angel64 Ψ  
ares Ψ  
at101_blackheart Ψ  
atomic Ψ  
atreus Ψ  
atreus62 Ψ  
baguette Ψ  
bantam44 Ψ  
bfake Ψ  
bigseries Ψ  
bigseries/1key Ψ  
bigseries/2key Ψ  
bigseries/3key Ψ  
bigseries/4key Ψ  
bigswitch Ψ  
blockey Ψ  
bm16a Ψ  
bm16s Ψ  
boardwalk Ψ  
boston_meetup/2019 Ψ  
bpiphany/frosty_flake Ψ  
bpiphany/kitten_paw Ψ  
bpiphany/pegasushoof Ψ  
bpiphany/sixshooter Ψ  
bpiphany/tiger_lily Ψ  
bpiphany/unloved_bastard Ψ  
bthlabs/geekpad Ψ  
business_card/alpha Ψ  
business_card/beta Ψ  
butterstick Ψ butterstick
c39 Ψ  
candybar Ψ  
cannonkeys/an_c Ψ  
cannonkeys/instant60 Ψ  
cannonkeys/ortho48 Ψ  
cannonkeys/ortho60 Ψ  
cannonkeys/ortho75 Ψ  
cannonkeys/practice60 Ψ  
cannonkeys/practice65 Ψ  
cannonkeys/satisfaction75 Ψ  
cannonkeys/satisfaction75/prototype Ψ  
cannonkeys/satisfaction75/rev1 Ψ  
canoe Ψ  
catch22 Ψ  
chimera_ergo Ψ  
chimera_ls Ψ  
chimera_ortho Ψ  
choco60 Ψ  
christmas_tree/V2017 Ψ  
ckeys/handwire_101 Ψ  
ckeys/nakey Ψ  
ckeys/obelus Ψ  
ckeys/thedora Ψ  
claw44/rev1 Ψ  
clueboard/17 Ψ  
clueboard/2x1800 Ψ  
clueboard/60 Ψ  
clueboard/66/rev1 Ψ  
clueboard/66/rev2 Ψ  
clueboard/66/rev3 Ψ  
clueboard/66/rev4 Ψ  
clueboard/66_hotswap/gen1 Ψ  
clueboard/66_hotswap/prototype Ψ  
clueboard/card Ψ  
cocoa40 Ψ  
comet46 Ψ  
contra Ψ  
converter/adb_usb Ψ  
converter/hp_46010a Ψ  
converter/ibm_5291 Ψ  
converter/ibm_terminal Ψ  
converter/m0110_usb Ψ  
converter/modelm101 Ψ  
converter/numeric_keypad_IIe Ψ  
converter/palm_usb/stowaway Ψ  
converter/siemens_tastatur Ψ  
converter/sun_usb/type3 Ψ  
converter/sun_usb/type5 Ψ  
converter/usb_usb/ble Ψ  
converter/usb_usb/hasu Ψ  
converter/usb_usb/pro_micro Ψ  
converter/xt_usb Ψ  
coseyfannitutti/discipline Ψ  
coseyfannitutti/mullet Ψ  
coseyfannitutti/mulletpad Ψ  
cospad Ψ  
crawlpad Ψ  
crkbd/rev1 Ψ  
cu24 Ψ  
cu75 Ψ  
daisy Ψ  
dc01/arrow Ψ  
dc01/left Ψ  
dc01/numpad Ψ  
dc01/right Ψ  
deltasplit75/v2 Ψ deltasplit75
dichotomy Ψ  
diverge3 Ψ  
divergetm2 Ψ  
dk60 Ψ  
do60 Ψ  
donutcables/budget96 Ψ  
donutcables/scrabblepad Ψ  
doro67/multi Ψ  
doro67/regular Ψ  
doro67/rgb Ψ  
dozen0 Ψ  
duck/eagle_viper/v2 Ψ  
duck/jetfire Ψ  
duck/lightsaver Ψ  
duck/octagon/v1 Ψ  
duck/octagon/v2 Ψ  
dumbpad Ψ  
dz60 Ψ  
dztech/dz40rgb Ψ  
dztech/dz60rgb Ψ  
dztech/dz65rgb Ψ  
eco/rev1 Ψ  
eco/rev2 Ψ  
emptystring/NQG Ψ  
ep/40 Ψ  
ep/96 Ψ  
ep/comsn/hs68 Ψ  
ep/comsn/mollydooker Ψ  
ep/comsn/tf_longeboye Ψ  
ergo42/rev1 Ψ  
ergodash/mini Ψ  
ergodash/rev1 Ψ  
ergodone Ψ  
ergodox_ez Ψ ergodox_ez
ergodox_infinity Ψ ergodox_infinity
ergoinu Ψ  
ergotaco Ψ  
ergotravel/rev1 Ψ  
espectro Ψ  
evil80 Ψ  
exclusive/e6_rgb Ψ  
exclusive/e6v2/le Ψ  
exclusive/e6v2/le_bmc Ψ  
exclusive/e6v2/oe Ψ  
exclusive/e6v2/oe_bmc Ψ  
exclusive/e7v1 Ψ  
facew Ψ  
fc660c Ψ  
fc980c Ψ  
felix Ψ  
fleuron Ψ  
fortitude60/rev1 Ψ  
four_banger Ψ  
foxlab/leaf60/hotswap Ψ  
foxlab/leaf60/universal Ψ  
fractal Ψ  
ft/mars80 Ψ  
geekboards/tester Ψ  
georgi Ψ georgi
gergo Ψ gergo
gh60/revc Ψ  
gh60/satan Ψ  
gh80_3000 Ψ  
gingham Ψ  
gonnerd Ψ  
gray_studio/cod67 Ψ  
gray_studio/hb85 Ψ  
gray_studio/space65 Ψ  
grid600/press Ψ  
gskt00 Ψ  
hadron/ver2 Ψ  
hadron/ver3 Ψ  
halberd Ψ  
handwired/108key_trackpoint Ψ  
handwired/412_64 Ψ  
handwired/6macro Ψ  
handwired/arrow_pad Ψ  
handwired/atreus50 Ψ  
handwired/bluepill/bluepill70 Ψ  
handwired/ck4x4 Ψ  
handwired/cmd60 Ψ  
handwired/co60/rev1 Ψ  
handwired/co60/rev6 Ψ  
handwired/co60/rev7 Ψ  
handwired/dactyl Ψ  
handwired/dactyl_manuform Ψ  
handwired/dactyl_manuform/4x5 Ψ  
handwired/dactyl_manuform/4x6 Ψ  
handwired/dactyl_manuform/5x6 Ψ  
handwired/dactyl_manuform/5x7 Ψ  
handwired/dactyl_manuform/6x6 Ψ  
handwired/dactyl_manuform/dmote/62key Ψ  
handwired/dactyl_promicro Ψ  
handwired/daishi Ψ  
handwired/datahand Ψ  
handwired/downbubble Ψ  
handwired/fivethirteen Ψ  
handwired/frenchdev Ψ  
handwired/gamenum Ψ  
handwired/hacked_motospeed Ψ  
handwired/hexon38 Ψ  
handwired/hnah40 Ψ  
handwired/ibm122m Ψ  
handwired/jn68m Ψ  
handwired/jopr Ψ  
handwired/jot50 Ψ  
handwired/jotanck Ψ  
handwired/jotpad16 Ψ  
handwired/kbod Ψ  
handwired/lovelive9 Ψ  
handwired/maartenwut Ψ  
handwired/magicforce61 Ψ  
handwired/magicforce68 Ψ  
handwired/mechboards_micropad Ψ  
handwired/minorca Ψ  
handwired/ms_sculpt_mobile Ψ  
handwired/nicekey Ψ  
handwired/not_so_minidox Ψ  
handwired/numbrero Ψ  
handwired/numpad20 Ψ  
handwired/onekey Ψ  
handwired/onekey/bluepill Ψ  
handwired/onekey/elite_c Ψ  
handwired/onekey/promicro Ψ  
handwired/onekey/proton_c Ψ  
handwired/onekey/stm32f0_disco Ψ  
handwired/onekey/teensy_2 Ψ  
handwired/onekey/teensy_2pp Ψ  
handwired/onekey/teensy_32 Ψ  
handwired/onekey/teensy_lc Ψ  
handwired/ortho5x13 Ψ  
handwired/pilcrow Ψ  
handwired/prime_exl Ψ  
handwired/promethium Ψ  
handwired/pteron Ψ  
handwired/qc60/proto Ψ  
handwired/reddot Ψ  
handwired/retro_refit Ψ  
handwired/rs60 Ψ  
handwired/space_oddity Ψ  
handwired/splittest Ψ  
handwired/splittest/promicro Ψ  
handwired/splittest/teensy_2 Ψ  
handwired/steamvan/rev1 Ψ  
handwired/tennie Ψ  
handwired/terminus_mini Ψ  
handwired/trackpoint Ψ  
handwired/tradestation Ψ  
handwired/traveller Ψ  
handwired/tritium_numpad Ψ  
handwired/woodpad Ψ  
handwired/wulkan Ψ  
handwired/xealous/rev1 Ψ  
handwired/xealousbrown Ψ  
hecomi/alpha Ψ  
helix/pico Ψ  
helix/rev1 Ψ  
helix/rev2 Ψ  
hhkb Ψ  
hid_liber Ψ  
hifumi Ψ  
hineybush/h87a Ψ  
hineybush/hineyg80 Ψ  
honeycomb Ψ  
hotdox Ψ  
hs60/v1 Ψ  
hs60/v2 Ψ  
idb_60 Ψ  
idobo Ψ  
illuminati/is0 Ψ  
infinity60 Ψ  
ivy/rev1 Ψ  
jc65/v32a Ψ  
jc65/v32u4 Ψ  
jd40 Ψ  
jd45 Ψ  
jj40 Ψ  
jj4x4 Ψ  
jj50 Ψ  
jm60 Ψ  
k_type Ψ  
kagamidget Ψ  
katana60 Ψ  
kbdfans/kbd19x Ψ  
kbdfans/kbd4x Ψ  
kbdfans/kbd66 Ψ  
kbdfans/kbd67/hotswap Ψ  
kbdfans/kbd67/rev1 Ψ  
kbdfans/kbd67/rev2 Ψ  
kbdfans/kbd6x Ψ  
kbdfans/kbd75/rev1 Ψ  
kbdfans/kbd75/rev2 Ψ  
kbdfans/kbd8x Ψ  
kbdfans/kbd8x_mk2 Ψ  
kbdfans/kbdpad/mk1 Ψ  
kbdfans/kbdpad_mk2 Ψ  
kc60 Ψ  
kc60se Ψ  
keebio/bdn9 Ψ  
keebio/bfo9000 Ψ  
keebio/chocopad Ψ  
keebio/dilly Ψ  
keebio/ergodicity Ψ  
keebio/fourier Ψ  
keebio/iris/rev1 Ψ  
keebio/iris/rev1_led Ψ  
keebio/iris/rev2 Ψ  
keebio/iris/rev3 Ψ  
keebio/laplace Ψ  
keebio/levinson/rev1 Ψ  
keebio/levinson/rev2 Ψ  
keebio/levinson/rev3 Ψ  
keebio/nyquist/rev1 Ψ  
keebio/nyquist/rev2 Ψ  
keebio/nyquist/rev3 Ψ  
keebio/quefrency/rev1 Ψ  
keebio/rorschach/rev1 Ψ  
keebio/tragicforce68 Ψ  
keebio/viterbi/rev1 Ψ  
keebio/viterbi/rev2 Ψ  
keebio/wavelet Ψ  
keycapsss/o4l_5x12 Ψ  
keyhive/maypad Ψ  
kinesis/alvicstep Ψ  
kinesis/stapelberg Ψ  
kira75 Ψ  
kmac Ψ  
kmini Ψ  
knops/mini Ψ  
kona_classic Ψ  
kudox/rev1 Ψ  
kudox_game/rev1 Ψ  
laptreus Ψ  
launchpad/rev1 Ψ  
lazydesigners/dimple Ψ  
lazydesigners/the50 Ψ  
lazydesigners/the60 Ψ  
lets_split/rev1 Ψ lets_split
lets_split/rev2 Ψ lets_split
lets_split/sockets Ψ lets_split
lets_split_eh/eh Ψ  
lfkeyboards/lfk65_hs Ψ  
lfkeyboards/lfk78 Ψ  
lfkeyboards/lfk87 Ψ  
lfkeyboards/lfkpad Ψ  
lfkeyboards/mini1800 Ψ  
lfkeyboards/smk65 Ψ  
lily58/rev1 Ψ  
m0lly Ψ  
m10a Ψ  
maartenwut/atom47/rev2 Ψ  
maartenwut/atom47/rev3 Ψ  
maartenwut/plain60 Ψ  
maartenwut/ta65 Ψ  
maartenwut/wasdat Ψ  
massdrop/alt Ψ  
massdrop/ctrl Ψ  
maxipad Ψ  
maxipad/promicro Ψ  
maxipad/teensy2 Ψ  
maxr1998/pulse4k Ψ  
mechkeys/mk60 Ψ  
mechllama/g35/v1 Ψ  
mechllama/g35/v2 Ψ  
mechmini Ψ  
mechmini/v1 Ψ  
mechmini/v2 Ψ  
mehkee96 Ψ  
meira/featherble Ψ  
meira/promicro Ψ  
meishi Ψ  
meishi2 Ψ  
melody96 Ψ  
meme Ψ  
meson Ψ  
miniaxe Ψ  
minidox/rev1 Ψ  
mint60 Ψ  
mitosis Ψ  
miuni32 Ψ  
model01 Ψ  
moon Ψ  
mt40 Ψ  
mt980 Ψ  
mxss Ψ  
naked48/rev1 Ψ  
namecard2x4/rev1 Ψ  
namecard2x4/rev2 Ψ  
nek_type_a Ψ  
newgame40 Ψ  
niu_mini Ψ  
nk65 Ψ  
nomu30 Ψ  
novelpad Ψ  
noxary/220 Ψ  
noxary/260 Ψ  
noxary/268 Ψ  
noxary/268_2 Ψ  
noxary/280 Ψ  
noxary/x268 Ψ  
ok60 Ψ  
omnikey_blackheart Ψ  
omnikeyish Ψ  
orange75 Ψ  
org60 Ψ  
orthodox/rev1 Ψ  
orthodox/rev3 Ψ  
orthodox/rev3_teensy Ψ  
otaku_split/rev0 Ψ  
otaku_split/rev1 Ψ  
paladin64 Ψ  
panc60 Ψ  
pdxkbc Ψ  
pearl Ψ  
peiorisboards/ixora Ψ  
percent/booster Ψ  
phantom Ψ  
pinky/3 Ψ  
pinky/4 Ψ  
plaid Ψ  
planck/ez Ψ planck
planck/light Ψ planck
planck/rev1 Ψ planck
planck/rev2 Ψ planck
planck/rev3 Ψ planck
planck/rev4 Ψ planck
planck/rev5 Ψ planck
planck/rev6 Ψ planck
playkbtw/ca66 Ψ  
playkbtw/pk60 Ψ  
preonic/rev1 Ψ  
preonic/rev2 Ψ  
preonic/rev3 Ψ  
primekb/prime_e Ψ  
primekb/prime_l Ψ  
primekb/prime_m Ψ  
primekb/prime_o Ψ  
primekb/prime_r Ψ  
projectkb/alice Ψ  
puck Ψ  
quantrik/kyuu Ψ  
qwertyydox/rev1 Ψ  
redox/rev1 Ψ  
redox_w Ψ  
redscarf_iiplus/verb Ψ  
redscarf_iiplus/verc Ψ  
rgbkb/sol/rev1 Ψ  
rgbkb/sol/rev2 Ψ  
rgbkb/zen/rev1 Ψ  
rgbkb/zen/rev2 Ψ  
rgbkb/zygomorph/rev1 Ψ  
romac Ψ  
ropro Ψ  
runner3680/3x6 Ψ  
runner3680/3x7 Ψ  
runner3680/3x8 Ψ  
runner3680/4x6 Ψ  
runner3680/4x7 Ψ  
runner3680/4x8 Ψ  
runner3680/5x6 Ψ  
runner3680/5x7 Ψ  
runner3680/5x8 Ψ  
s7_elephant Ψ  
scarletbandana Ψ  
scythe Ψ  
sentraq/number_pad Ψ  
sentraq/s60_x/default Ψ  
sentraq/s60_x/rgb Ψ  
sentraq/s65_plus Ψ  
sentraq/s65_x Ψ  
shiro Ψ  
signum/3_0/elitec Ψ  
singa Ψ  
sirius/unigo66 Ψ  
sixkeyboard Ψ  
skog Ψ  
smk60 Ψ  
snagpad Ψ  
snampad Ψ  
southpole Ψ  
spacetime/rev1 Ψ  
spacetime/rev2 Ψ  
speedo Ψ  
standaside Ψ  
staryu Ψ  
subatomic Ψ  
suihankey Ψ  
suihankey/alpha Ψ  
suihankey/rev1 Ψ  
suihankey/split/alpha Ψ  
suihankey/split/rev1 Ψ  
sx60 Ψ  
tada68 Ψ  
tanuki Ψ  
telophase Ψ  
tetris Ψ  
tgr/alice Ψ  
tgr/jane Ψ  
the_ruler Ψ  
thevankeyboards/bananasplit Ψ  
thevankeyboards/minivan Ψ  
thevankeyboards/roadkit Ψ  
tkc1800 Ψ  
tmo50 Ψ  
toad Ψ  
tokyo60 Ψ  
touchpad Ψ  
treadstone32 Ψ  
treadstone48/rev1 Ψ  
treasure/type9 Ψ  
uk78 Ψ  
unikorn Ψ  
ut472 Ψ  
v60_type_r Ψ  
vinta Ψ  
vision_division Ψ  
vitamins_included/rev1 Ψ vitamins_included
waldo Ψ  
westfoxtrot/aanzee Ψ  
westfoxtrot/cyclops Ψ  
westfoxtrot/cypher Ψ  
whitefox Ψ  
wilba_tech/rama_works_koyu Ψ  
wilba_tech/rama_works_m10_b Ψ  
wilba_tech/rama_works_m60_a Ψ  
wilba_tech/rama_works_m6_a Ψ  
wilba_tech/rama_works_m6_b Ψ  
wilba_tech/rama_works_u80_a Ψ  
wilba_tech/wt60_a Ψ  
wilba_tech/wt60_d Ψ  
wilba_tech/wt65_a Ψ  
wilba_tech/wt65_b Ψ  
wilba_tech/wt69_a Ψ  
wilba_tech/wt75_a Ψ  
wilba_tech/wt75_b Ψ  
wilba_tech/wt80_a Ψ  
wilba_tech/wt8_a Ψ  
wilba_tech/zeal60 Ψ  
wilba_tech/zeal65 Ψ  
winkeyless/bface Ψ  
winkeyless/bmini Ψ  
winkeyless/bminiex Ψ  
xd004/v1 Ψ  
xd60/rev2 Ψ  
xd60/rev3 Ψ  
xd75 Ψ  
xd84 Ψ  
xd87 Ψ  
xd96 Ψ  
xmmx Ψ  
xw60 Ψ  
yd60mq Ψ  
yd68 Ψ  
ymd75 Ψ  
ymd96 Ψ  
ymdk_np21 Ψ  
yosino58/rev1 Ψ  
z150_blackheart Ψ  
zinc/rev1 Ψ  
zinc/reva Ψ  
zj68 Ψ  
zlant Ψ  
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