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Butter Stick, 20% Ortholinear

Butter Stick

Butter Stick is a 2x10 Split Ortho keyboard for general use based heavily on the Georgi. Integrating a built-in steno engine on top of QMK, it’s a tiny daily carry. Sporting full QWERTY support, easy chording and a well designed/extensible firmware, it’s an ergonomic and hacker-friendly ortholinear. This is optimized for chording usage and pairs well with light switches.

Butter Stick is available from g Heavy Industries.

Steno Engine

Butter Stick sports a onboard chording engine allowing you to define what various chords (similar to combos) do easily. This engine is the core of what makes Butter Stick special as it operates on chords as opposed to layers and sequences of keys. With over 263 Decillion possible combinations, a single layer is more then enough :)

Gaming Mode

Steno engine aside, there is a traditional QMK layer-based option accessible from the default firmware. This allows you to access your traditional QMK layers and goodness, making for a excellent gaming pad.


Keymaps, precompiled firmware and instructions are hosted over on gBoards Docs.

But here are the default keymaps.

Qwerty Layers