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More info on this to come soon! Here’s our annoucement:

/u/ishtob, /u/skullydazed, and I have been working a USB-C ARM Pro Micro drop-in replacement that we’ve decided to call the QMK Proton C. It uses an STM32F303 chip (same chip as the rev 6 Planck and Skully’s new ARM boards), and has some more pin-outs and extended functionality on a break-off-able tab. Here’s a render to get the idea of what we’re talking about.

The extended tab also has a slot cut in it for an SMD speaker that will be flush with the PCB - the same speaker that I’ve use on my boards. The pin alignment uses the same spacing as the main side, skipping one for the cutting/breakable area.

This should work on any board that currently accepts a Pro Micro, as all of the pin-outs are in the same locations, including 5V, 3.3V, GND, SPI, Serial, and I2C. The reset pin works slightly different, but will have a reset button on the front.

We’re planning on stocking this on olkb.com and clueboard.co, but if you’d like to see this on your shop as well, please reach out to me or Skully!