Included Keyboards

QMK runs on a diverse range of keyboards. Some of these keyboards are officially supported and see constant community contributions, while others are part of the repository for historical reasons.

Official QMK Keyboards

These keyboards are manufactured by the maintainers of QMK.

Ortholinear Keyboards - Jack Humbert

What makes OLKB keyboards shine is a combo of lean aesthetics, compact size, and killer tactile feel. These are available through as well as through Massdrop from time to time, as easy to assemble kits.

  • Planck — A 40% DIY powerhouse of customizability and modification capability. It's a lean, mean, typing machine.
  • Preonic — Like the Planck, but bigger. 50%.
  • Atomic — Imagine the size of the Planck. Now imagine the size of the Preonic. Now imagine bigger. That is the Atomic. A 60% keyboard.

ErgoDox EZ - Erez Zukerman

Made in Taiwan using advanced robotic manufacturing, the ErgoDox EZ is a fully-assembled, premium ergonomic keyboard. Its split design allows you to place both halves shoulder width, and its custom-made wrist rests and tilt/tent kit make for incredibly comfortable typing. Available on

  • ErgoDox EZ — Our one and only product. Yes, it's that awesome. Comes with either printed or blank keycaps, and 7 different keyswitch types.

Clueboard - Zach White

Designed and built in Felton, CA, Clueboards keyboard emphasize quality and locally sourced components, available on

  • Clueboard — The 66% custom keyboard.
  • Cluecard — A small board to help you hack on QMK.
  • Cluepad — A mechanical numpad with QMK superpowers.

Community-supported QMK Keyboards

These keyboards are part of the QMK repository, but their manufacturers are not official maintainers of the repository.

  • Alps64 — A 60% keyboard for Alps keyswitches.
  • AMJ60 — DIY/Assembled compact 60% keyboard.
  • Arrow Pad — A custom creation by IBNobody.
  • Atreus — Made by Technomancy.
  • Bantam44 — It is a 44-key 40% staggered keyboard.
  • Ergodox Infinity - Ergonomic Split Keyboard by Input Club.
  • GH60 — A 60% Geekhack community-driven project.
  • GON NerD — Korean custom 60% PCB
  • Happy Hacking Keyboard — The Happy Hacking keyboard can be hacked with a custom controller to run QMK.
  • Infinity 60% - — Compact community keyboard by Input Club.
  • JD45 — Another Geekhack community project, designed by jdcarpe.
  • KC60 — A programmable Chinese-made keyboard, lost in the mists of time.
  • Kinesis Advantage — Contoured ergonomic keyboard by Kinesis Computer Ergonomics.
  • The Kitten Paw — A replacement controller (2016 revision) for the Filco Majestouch by Bathroom Epiphanies.
  • Lets Split - Split ortholinear 40% keyboard.
  • Phantom — A tenkeyless kit by Teel, also from Geekhack.
  • Retro Refit — Another creation by IBNobody.
  • S60-x — DIY compact keyboard designed by VinnyCordeiro for Sentraq.
  • Satan — A GH60 variant.
  • SixKeyBoard — A 6-key keyboard made by TechKeys.
  • TheVan 44 — A 44-key staggered keybard by Evangs.
  • WhiteFox — A 65% keyboard designed as a partnership by matt3o, Massdrop and Input Club
  • Vision Division — Full Size / Split Linear Keyboard by IBNobody.